Image Standards

Image Quality


The images that you see here are basically straight out of the camera. What this means is that the images were subjected to minimal post processing. I use only premium Canon DSLR cameras (EOS 1Ds Mk II, EOS 5D Mk II, EOS 450D) attached with Canon L lenses. I endeavour to capture images right the first time in the camera itself rather than using Photoshop liberally to improve the image. However, each and every image has been checked for removal of dust spots, reduction/removal of chromatic aberration (purple fringing), recovery of any blown out areas, adjustment of lens distortion if any and where necessary, some reduction of noise and artifacting. The images, with a very small percentage of exceptions, has not been adjusted for brightness, contrast and saturation. As a result, you have a number of options to aesthetically improve the image according to your taste when you download it. But if you need the raw file, please contact me. Raw files are available only for Rights Managed licenses and not for Royalty Free images. By the way, what you see is what you get only if you are using a calibrated Mac.


Editorial Use Only


The images that are available here, unless marked as “EDITORIAL USE ONLY” (you see it at the end of the description for the image) can be used for commercial purposes. All identifiable faces, logos and trademarks has been removed. Those images marked as EDITORIAL USE ONLY requires either a model release or property release or both but does not possess them. Faces, logos and trademarks are left untouched in EDITORIAL USE ONLY images. You are solely responsible for the correct and proper use of the images that you download, either EDITORIAL USE ONLY or otherwise. There is no warranty for fitness of use or purpose.




The images available are licensed as either Royalty Free or Rights Managed. If you require a variation of the standard licenses available, please contact me. You should receive a quick reply unless I am traveling and lack internet access.